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Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 03:05 pm
I know I haven’t updated for a while, but there has been good reason. My brother passed and that is when she found out his heart wasn’t beating anymore. Autopsy reported he was healthy and there was nothing wrong with him, so we have to wait another 4 to 5 weeks in order to find out why he died.

His service was yesterday. My brother had a lot of friends, some of which drove over three hundred miles to attend. I saw his daughters. He had attended his oldest daughters birthday party just the week before. My brother died two days before his youngest daughter’s birthday. She felt cheated. And this Sunday is my brother’s birthday…

All in all, nothing good has been happening lately. Honestly I didn’t want to neglect this for so long but really all I have been doing is playing mindless video games and trying to fight the heat. I did go to see Sweeny Todd for my birthday which was really enjoyable, and I have been reading…

Right now I am just looking forward to the monsoon. We should be getting our first set of storms tomorrow afternoon.

I think I am going to use the $10 I got in amazon gift cards to order something to read.
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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 05:42 pm
I’m skipping game night tonight because I kind of lost track of time and I am too tired to walk down there now.

Milly got dropped off at the groomer and I spent some time after that doing yard work with my mom. Then she had to go meet someone for lunch so I decided to take a nap till she got back. I didn’t wake up until I heard Milly at my door around 4:00pm! My mom had decided to let me sleep and do the rest of the yard work without me!

It was nice of her, but I feel bad for not doing my part. Its my own yard after all.

She also showed me Milly’s leg with seems to have a cyst growing on it. Luckily it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much, I mean she was pretty damn peppy this morning, but she is still going to have to be taken to the vet. Poor thing.

In RP news, after quitting my last RP I started a new one with a very… bizarre character. He is a telepath with a lust for knowledge, and a little bit on the weird side too. I mean, his introduction to the game involved him introducing himself as Darkwing Duck. As a result I think this is the most popular one of my characters has been since when I first started RPing. I have a line of people waiting to encounter him! I just hope that I don’t disappoint the other players.

So far he hasn’t done anything but piss off a demon. Then after that event he decided to piss him off some more. There was harm threatened upon him. *facepalm*

I ended up getting coupon from Gamestop to get a PS3 for $100 off. Turned out to be an early birthday present. I am excited. This means I’ll get to play the Disgaea series again, as well as Last Guardian when it comes out. The game looks so beautiful, and at the same time kind of heartbreaking. I am a huge fan of their last game and I rank it up there with Okami as far as video game works of art go. I also grabbed a card to buy a game off of the network when it is back up and running later this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to finally play Xenogears. And I should have $10 to spare after that, but I don’t know what I want to get with it yet.

There is a fair at the museum this weekend. I am thinking about showing up for work an hour early and if I am lucky, they'll let me enjoy it a little without having to pay for the admission.
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Thursday, May 12th, 2011 04:45 pm
Hooray! Summer is here! And also boo because that means I am going to be dying from the heat. I love the gardening, the trips to the pool, and all of the summer festivals but at the same time I am living in the desert without any air conditioning. :/

Turns out I might not be living here for more than a couple more years. Maybe. I don’t know. My mom’s boyfriend has 40 acres up in Washington and I have been promised a log cabin of my own when the two of them move in together. The area is nice, very green, full of ponds, near a town, and not far from the ocean. In addition to that I was told that I could get my psychology degree up there.

But there are some down sides. I honestly have never lived outside of this state, I have never even been to Washington. I love the town I am currently in, I love its history, I love its culture. And did I mention that Washington has an ACTIVE VOLCANO, and is also littered with inactive ones. You know, that thing which has haunted my childhood nightmares since I was seven years old? Arizona has the San Francisco Peaks, which is sleeping, and also pretty far away from me.

On the other hand, having a nice little log cabin with my own garden has kind of also been my dream since I was that age. Yeah, I am torn.

I went swimming last Saturday. Didn’t stay more than a few hours but was very pleased with the exercise I got. I ended up straining something in my arm though, and it was so bad that I actually had to resort to using pain killers in order to sleep that night.

I also did a little bit of experimenting last week as far as cooking goes. First time I ever made a pizza on my own and it was delicious. It was a white pizza with a creamy garlic alfredo sauce, smoked provolone, mozzarella, a sweetened ricotta, and parmesan cheese with a drizzling of that Tuscan herb olive oil I bought last month. I thought it was pretty delicious. I tried making it again for my mom’s office and although they loved it, it didn’t taste as wonderful as the first one did. Then again I overcooked it a hair.
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Saturday, April 16th, 2011 12:25 pm
I hate when I get headaches. They’re caused by everything from sleeping wrong to allergies. Even worse, they are a pain to get rid of and they make me sick, dizzy, and likely to get on my knees worship the porcelain god. The only thing that seems to work on them is Excedrin. And this morning I discovered I was on my last pill.

So I panicked a little because today is Saturday. Saturday means I am on my own. My mom works in town, but she lives in the middle of nowhere so if I am in trouble she isn’t close enough to help me, nor would she consider driving into town.

And since I don’t have a car that means that if I have to get something from the store, I have to walk there. Normally this is not a problem because exercise is good. But when the nearest store is about a mile away and you need medicine because you are not feeling well… The walk would only make things worse.

Luckily, I found another bottle sitting in one of my tote bags so I didn’t have to resort to walking anywhere. Finding it was a huge relief.

Hopefully this will clear up soon because it is Saturday and this is my cleaning day. I have dishes to do, laundry to fold and clutter to put away!

Tomorrow I am at the museum again. I think I’ll swing by the art store on my way there so I can pick up some pens because mine seem to have disappeared. I’ve kind of been itching to get back to work on my comic. Heck… I have been itching to get back to work on EVERYTHING lately.

I believe there are not enough hours in a day and there are not enough days in a life. It frustrates me sometimes.
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Saturday, April 9th, 2011 11:29 am
It is Saturday and that means that today is a cleaning day. That doesn’t mean that I am going to be doing very much of it though. I just want to make absolutely sure that the clutter in the living room is cleared up and make sure the dishes have all been washed. Maybe I’ll even get a little bit of my room done before I get distracted by something.

And today, there is much to distract me. After letting the dog out this morning I crawled back into bed like I usually do, but unfortunately I didn’t fall asleep. My puny little brain decided it was time to think about my Nanowrimo story from last November and I eventually crawled back out of bed, made breakfast, heated up some tea, and got back to work on it.

And even now, there is more to write but I could be spending a good chunk of the day on it and there is work to be done. So after I post this I am going to get to all of that cleaning, make lunch, and then sit down to type again
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Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 10:59 am
Wind gusts 40 to 57 mph are expected today. Oh I am so looking forward to walking the three miles to and from the museum. :/

I can’t say I function well when I wake up to an alarm. I am not one of those people who groggily reach over and press the snooze button. I am one of those people that get a sudden rush of adrenaline and fling themselves out of bed to stop the offending noise. Sleep after that is impossible. And my brain really doesn’t start working until maybe 15 minutes later.

This morning, I was under the impression that I only had an hour to get ready, so now there I was, at 9:16, dressed, rushing to scarf down breakfast, and get my morning internet stuff done when I realize that I was going to have 2 hours before I have to leave. That’s not as bad as Friday when I dumped my package of oatmeal into the skillet rather than the bowl though.

Here’s hoping that my mistake on Friday at the museum doesn’t come and bite me in the ass today. I don’t see how it should though since no one else really had any information on the event either and I just went by what people told me. Still, I hate having the wrong information.
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Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 03:16 pm
I am officially declaring today a cleaning day. I’ve been putting it off lately and although the house isn’t all that bad, there is a bit more clutter around here than I would like. And I absolutely MUST make some progress in my room. Because it kind of hasn’t been cleaned in over a year, at least not that I recall anyway. It has been serving as a storage room.

I have to admit that I am getting kind of excited about the new RP game I just joined. My boring average Joe type character got accepted into the game, and it looks like some interesting things might end up happening to him. Right now I am working on getting a feel for him. Likes, dislikes, memories etc. Basically I am working on things that I had no reason to put in his application.

And speaking of applications, I just submitted another one in my never ending quest for employment. I have one other one to fill out which I will get to later…well, there are two actually. But I don’t think I am going to be able to apply for the one because they have all sorts of scented stuff in their store. I don’t think my sinuses would appreciate it and I can only imagine how quickly that place would end up killing me if I ever ended up getting sick.

At least I am not out of options yet.
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Thursday, March 31st, 2011 10:57 am
I am crazy. All the things I am doing and all the projects I have been busy working on and I have decided to get back into RPing again… or um…Try to. Right now both applications I am working on are not going too well.

I had to create an original character for one RP so I tried to make one that was average. No powers, no outstanding talent in anything but all in all a good guy. I just wonder if by making him average that he’s too boring. I wanted a normal person. I like reading about normal people being tossed into extraordinary circumstances so I thought this would be a good opportunity to write with one. But although I like him, I don’t think he is interesting enough and I feel as though he needs a little more complexity.

The other application requires a lot of thinking. The character is one I am familiar with and have played in a few other games, but I have to rewrite the application. The last application I wrote for him I didn’t really put a lot of effort into. It was a small game, someone had played the character before me, and they butchered him. Playing him in that game, I could get away with and experiment with a lot of things because ‘Hey! I wasn’t as bad as the last one!’

I don’t think that will fly with this game so much. Turning out a worthy application isn’t easy with him as more serious games have high standards for this particular character. But if I get him in, it will be worth it! His frienemy from the last game I had him in is there which would mean the return of the witty bickering and mind games between the two. Something I have been sorely missing.

Tomorrow I am covering someone’s shift again at the museum but I should be done in time for the parade. I may not have the money to cover going to the party afterwards but I should at least get some awesome pictures and still be home before dark. I’ve been looking forward to this since I first heard they were doing it. It used to be a big thing for this town in the late 1800s but interest started to die off and one woman who was working on the costumes for it ended up working herself to death.
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Sunday, March 27th, 2011 07:06 pm
Note to self: Do not attempt going the back way home unless you want a good workout. I think I ended up walking an extra mile to get home and most of it was up hill. I was so tired by the time I got home I ate the last of my snickers candy and crashed on my bed.

Two hours later I have finally dragged myself out of bed and am making something to eat. I think this is a veg on the couch and watch something brainless night.

I am going to be sore tomorrow. Ick.
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Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 08:43 pm
Went to Mikayla’s birthday party yesterday but unfortunately couldn’t stay for the whole event since the baby got tired and went down for a nap and I had a dog who was probably in dire need to use the bathroom. Still, I got some adorable pictures and hope that the kiddo enjoys all her new fun presents.

I think I am going to have to invest in a new camera sometime in the future though. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just one where I don’t have a three second delay from when I press the button to when the shot is taken. I am tired of missing things because of my camera’s slow reaction. I’ve had one too many good shots become terrible shots as a result.

Picked up Okami Den from the store yesterday as well and preordered the next Zelda game. I am about 4 hours in, and overall I am pretty pleased with the game so far. I wouldn’t call it a visual masterpiece like I do first game, and you don’t get the same satisfaction with the controls with Chibi as you do with Ammy, but it is definitely an Okami game and worth picking up if you are a fan of the first one.

Today I just decided to be lazy. I messed around on Materia Magica until [personal profile] pyrofuego showed up. We went to the lake together and took some pictures. Once again my camera proved to be a pain but hopefully I managed to get some decent shots out of it. I’ll probably upload the them later. Right now, I have a book that wants me to read it.
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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 06:50 pm
I am long overdue for an update. I’ve sat down a few times already and tried to whip up an entry, but I didn’t have anything worthy of reading.

I have been wrapped up in a number of projects lately. Not only am I working on my RP which is bound to be fun despite my inexperience as a mod, but I am making progress in having the first pages of my graphic novel done… well, the line art at least. I am seriously thinking about doing it in color. I just have two more things to draw for one page and… about a dozen or so other drawings to go till the story reaches that page. I am really excited to finally get this seriously going though.

In writing, I have been thinking of getting back to last year’s Nano project. But at the same time I am also planning to get to work on this years. There is an epic story I have been working on for the past fourteen years and I think that this November would be a great opportunity to get something solid down for it. I am going to start by buying some index cards and writing down important scenes that I want to include. That way I can keep the timeline in order, remember everything that I am going to write, and bounce around if I need to. Don’t like the scene I am writing? Feel like something different? No problem! Just take another index card from the stack! … and oh boy is it going to be a stack O_O;;

I am also thinking about going the full month on this one regardless of if I reach the 50,000 word goal early. I might hold off a little on setting that up the scenes though mainly because I want to dig into my writing chest to see what I can find. There is about 14 years of dabblings in there and there is bound to be some things I have forgotten about. The problem is that I want to have the living room cleaned up before I do because the last time I looked in that chest it was a multiple day event.

Still no word on the job applications I sent in. This isn’t very surprising all things considered. Out here the only way most people get a job is if you already know someone. After I get things resettled around here I’ll go out and grab a few more applications and fill out some online. There is nothing I can do but keep trying, right? Its not as though I have the option of moving back in with my parents, nor would I want to with my stepdad soon to reach retirement.

Tomorrow is game night again. I am not so sure if I am going to go this time since I am going to have company. It is going to be wonderful seeing Chrissy again. Its been years since she has been out here to visit. And she is going to be meeting [personal profile] pyrofuego . Nikon geeks unite!

Besides, I doubt I’ll be missed by anyone. I love thinky games but I have never been any good at them. I am sure the guys there would like a chance to play a serious game against one another without teaching a noob. Yeah they get a chance to try out new strategies, but… yeah.

The next few days are going to be busy. [personal profile] pyrofuego and her husband are moving into a new place.
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Friday, February 18th, 2011 07:44 pm
With this winter storm coming in, I seriously doubt I will have very many people coming in to the museum on Sunday and Monday. If I get anyone, it will be tourists. In fact I half expect the place to close on Sunday with what the weather looks like. Either way though, mom was nice enough to buy some books for me to read be it be in the comfort of home, or sitting at the front desk waiting for people to come in. The hard part is going to be holding off on reading them until Sunday.

[personal profile] pyrofuego and her husband invited me to the pub today. After having only two granola bars and a slice of cheese to eat all day and actual meal was positively delicious! And there was live music too which was pretty awesome!
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Saturday, January 29th, 2011 06:44 pm
I went to volunteer training today. It was actually pretty fun, and I got to learn that there was a day long rafting trip to some hot springs that I can go on in May. So that is definitely something I want to be saving up for. Part of my New Years resolution was to get out and do more and have more adventure in my life. I think that qualifies.

I also ended up finishing lunch early and while I was waiting for the second half of the training to start I ended up having a wonderful conversation with an elderly lady about positive and negative aspects of current technology beginning to replace various forms of media such as books, music, movies etc. Honestly, I am quite happy that I am feeling more comfortable holding long conversations with people, especially strangers. I am typically a very shy quiet person.

When I got home though, I was given some irritating news. It seems that the trashy neighbors decided to abandon their kitten today. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise all things considered. Honestly I was half expecting they would just let the poor thing starve to death in that house. Right now, Michelle next door is looking after the little guy/girl. The kitten has been seriously neglected and underfed.

Michelle also gave me a glass table! Apparently she got it after one of her clients passed away. I can’t put it to use yet, but I am looking forward to when I can!

Part of me wants to get back to work on my Nanowrimo novel. I have numerous scenes I need to rewrite, and some now ideas are poking my brain. Particularly a character I didn’t write about during November because I didn’t have much of a feel for them yet. Thanks to Dreamwidth passing out codes, I now have a writing journal; [personal profile] canned_lightbulbs which is a reference to a Silent Hill game.
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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 09:24 pm
I ended up forking over $20 to have a pizza delivered to the house today. Considering I went from the museum to the book store and back I think I managed around 8 or 9 miles of walking. I figured I deserved a nice cheesy greasy pizza. But damn, they are expensive. I think this is going to be my last one for a very long while.

Thanks you so much [personal profile] pyrofuego letting me use your credits! I picked up three books from the book store. I initially was only going to walk out with the one, but I noticed that they had a couple volumes of a series I have been curious about for a while so I grabbed them. [personal profile] pyrofuego, if I spent too much of your credits there I will pay you back for them. Just let me know.

No new messages from that guy I’ve been talking to. Either he lost interest (which is quite plausible) or he is busy or has no access to the internet (which is also likely considering where he is right now and what he is doing). Either way, I still plan to crash his gaming group next week.

Tonight, I am sitting curled up on the couch watching a British show on Netflix. So far it is pretty interesting and I am enjoying it. The more I see the more I think my grandmother would have loved it too which is kind of making me sad.

I think I might end up crashing early. I’m exhausted.
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Saturday, January 8th, 2011 05:02 pm
Thanks to the snow, the sidewalks around town have been pretty slick, and since I don’t really feel up to playing in traffic to get my exercise I resorted to getting a DDR game and a dance pad in hopes of being able to get rid of this fat I accumulated over the past three months (I am 20 pounds over what I think is acceptable for me). I figured in the long run it would be worth it. My main form of exercise over the summer was yard work and swimming. And while I can still go swimming, the cold and snow is kind of discouraging weather for it, even if it is a heated pool.

I’ve been attempting the dating site thing since July now. I still feel as though this is a stupid thing for me to do all things considered, but I can’t figure out how to turn off my profile. As a result, I keep on getting emails despite my lack of interest. And for some reason I just keep replying because I feel bad if I don’t respond. Especially when the guy actually takes the time to write something.

Anyway back in the beginning of November I received a message from a guy who seemed to be pretty interesting and intelligent, and I actually went as far as meeting him at his gaming group at the library. We are still exchanging emails, but I am really not holding my breath for much else.

It also looks like I will be taking over the front desk at the museum on Sundays. I shadowed yesterday, and I am supposed to go in either Tuesday or Wednesday for additional shadowing. Its not a job, but it is something to do while I am looking for one. And hooray for experience!
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Friday, November 26th, 2010 07:00 pm
My friend’s husband ended up running out of gas in his drive to work so I got offered a ride up to the mall. I had initially planned to stay indoors and hide from all the Black Friday shoppers like all the sensible people but hey, while I was there I thought I could at least pick up my mom’s Christmas present. She wanted to try some of that soap we bought the last time and requested something that smelled fruity.

Initially I intended to grab her three bars of soap but some how I ended up walking out with two extra bars. So I figured that I’ll have one bar for emergency gifting and one for myself just because I have been tempted to try the merlot scented one.

After that, the woman at the counter gave me a coupon for a free gift at guest services which I redeemed since I was already planning to meet my friends around there. Turns out the free gift wasn’t anything too exciting. Just some hand sanitizer which I guess will come in handy.

After that, I sat down in the seating area in front of the fire place with my ipod and waited for my friends to show. Apparently one of them did, but decided not to tell me. Damn ninjas. Although I will admit that I totally failed there because I did expect him to do that.

After that, I was thirsty and went to acquire an orange Julius. Somehow I walked away with an orange Julius and a guy’s phone number. I don’t really understand how that happened. Um… crap. What do I do now? *flail* He said he’d call tomorrow.
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Thursday, November 25th, 2010 12:21 pm
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and happy Thursday to those who don’t! I am spending the holiday at home with some frozen pizza and Harvest Moon.

I am really getting bad about updating this thing, aren’t I? I can’t really think of anything worth saying right now. I’m on my second play through of 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors which so far has proven to be an awesome game even if some of the material it uses is inaccurate. It is hard to put down.

I really need to get some more exercise. Maybe I will go to the pool this Saturday? Or maybe I should try getting some yard work done. This place has been rather neglected since I had to do a lot of cleaning inside the house.
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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 02:51 pm
Yesterday’s Nanoing was done only four hours of sleep and I somehow manages to make it to 9,000 words. I am making 15,000 words my next goal (which is subject to change). If anyone wishes to see my word count, it is currently posted on my profile page.

I introduced my main villain already. I think I hate him. I honestly was not sure if I could write a villain that was villainous enough … So I will admit that I am surprised that I could make someone I wanted to punch this much. Though he has made my story considerably more dark than I had originally intended. There isn’t a lot of room for quirky humor right now. I am kind of sad.

I am still mostly working on the back story of some of the main characters. Though I have skipped around a little, and I have my first large chunk of text that I have marked to delete that is maybe around 2,000 words.

I currently have the highest known word count in my region. I kind of want to keep it that way. This is mainly because I bumped into my former 7th grade teacher at the kickoff party. I have plenty of words to describe her, but none of them are nice. Let’s just say she and another teacher (not even my own) made some rather stupid serious accusations and had no evidence to back them up. Making my word count early and leaving her in the dust may not be a very satisfying revenge, but it is likely the only satisfaction for the humiliation and grief that I’ll ever get.

Well, coffee is finished. Back to writing.

Also LOOT HAS BEEN DISCOVERED! Former roommate left some DVDs and tapes! Nothing too uber special though. Dogma, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness, 2 Vampire Hunter D tapes and a recording of Hogfather from off of tv.
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Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 02:01 pm
My mom finally took me into urgent care on Monday. As she guessed, it turned out to be bronchitis. I got some medicine and spent a couple days during the week resting at my parent’s house. It was nice. It is very relaxing there. I kind of hated the idea of coming back Wednesday night.

I wish I could say I am feeling better but I am not. I am still having a lot of trouble breathing. I just hope that this clears up soon. Being sick means I have fallen behind on house work and I wanted to have this place clean by the end of the month. I don’t know if that is going to happen now. :/

Besides, the Nanowrimo kickoff party for my town is next Satuday and I want to attend. It is a bit of a long walk to the library. I won’t be able to make it there if I am sick.

Other than that, I am working on a town map for the RP I am in. The map generator I downloaded didn’t make a map with the image quality I wanted so I booted up photoshop and got to work. This one so far is more to my standards. Its looking really good. Hopefully doing all of this game makeover stuff will help attract more people to the game. I we are down to only five players now. We are in desperate need for new players and characters.
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Friday, October 15th, 2010 02:39 pm
I was looking forward to volunteering at the museum today, but life had different plans. Those plans were apparently bronchitis. >_<

So I have been stuck in the house using my old nebulizer every 3 hours all week. I almost went to urgent care a few days ago, but after calling them, it looked like just walking in alone would cost me $250. That wasn’t going to happen.

Since I am sick of playing video games, I have turned on some anime. This is one that I haven’t watched yet because I have heard it was really depressing. From what someone described, it is about a sweet timid girl who gets taken by the military and turned into an ultimate weapon. Not something I would normally choose to watch, but I became interested when I heard that the psychological effects it has on her were realistic.

Yeah… I just finished the third episode. It is pretty depressing. Judging by the title alone, it probably won’t have a happy ending.